Our Story

All it takes is one busy summer weekend here at Lake of the Ozarks and you will understand why the DockGlide™ system is needed for most docks and boats. Our story begins, when we were boating with our parents nearly fifty years ago. But, back then our parents ventured to lakes like Bull Shoals and Table Rock in southern Missouri. The primary boats were smaller fishing, and ski boats. All boats produce waves but they never seemed to bother anyone.

Fast forward too early 2008, our family stills enjoys the lake, but the drive from St. Louis to those lakes in southern Missouri had become longer and longer with each trip. We decided to try Lake of the Ozarks since it’s only two-hour drive away. We immediately fell in love with “The Lake” and decided to buy a condominium around the fourteen-mile marker with a main channel view. We sold our small open bow and upgraded to a thirty-foot open bow boat. We learned quickly just how busy the lake can be on any summer weekend and how rough the water is during the weekend. So, we upgraded again to a cruiser that would take the rough water much easier. Since then, we’ve been extremely happy cruising the lake.

In fact, we love the Lake so much, we sold our condominium, our house in St. Louis, bought a house on the main channel, and moved to “The Lake” full time in 2013. Our new home didn’t have a dock, so we decided to continue to keep our boat in one of the marina’s on the lake. This worked well for several years until even the twenty-minute drive to the boat got old. We must not enjoy driving because we keep getting closer and closer to our boat.

So, in 2017 we decided to purchase and install a new dock. What a great idea, Right? The dock was installed, and we were so excited to move our boat into its new location. The next day, we got up at 6 AM on Thursday morning and moved the boat into its new home. The water was like glass and the ride was picture perfect.

Then, Friday came and by midafternoon, the boat was bouncing like a buoy all over the place. Panic had set in; did we make a good decision?!?! Then Saturday came and by 11 AM the wakes and chop were coming over the decking of the dock and the boat was slinging left and right, back, and forth. Holy @#$%! We’ve heard many people complain about the size of boats and the amount of wake that’s produced, but its “The Lake” and that’s why we’re all here. Right!?!? So instead of getting upset or shooting water or potato cannons at the boats as they drive by (face it, you’ve thought about it), let’s figure out a solution rather than complaining. It was at that eureka moment, DockGlide™ idea became real. By Sunday evening the first proto-type was installed. But, everyone knows, The Lake quiets down Sunday evening and doesn’t become busy until the next weekend. However, the next weekend was a holiday weekend and this was the real test.

As you would expect, the DockGlide™ system worked effortlessly. Significant strain and tension was released from the dock and the boat. We learned a lot from that weekend watching how our dock and boat were tossed around from all the chop the big boats created. We’ve tweaked and worked on the DockGlide™ system until it was perfected.

So, as the 2018 boating season begins, we’ve decided to share the DockGlide™ system with everyone here at the lake. Whether, you’re a home owner with a private dock, in a marina, a gas dock or one of the restaurants on the lake, the DockGlide™ system is perfect for you.

One of our favorite aspects about the DockGlide™ system is manufactured right here in Missouri and we believe it’s important to create local jobs and support Missouri’s economy.

We hope you will too!